Friday, February 29, 2008

1233. This tool cuts a groove into a round piece of wood, probably used prior to gluing:

1234. A battery date stamp for marking automobile batteries for the 'sale date' to allow for warranty dating. The numbered side would be placed on one of the lead battery posts and the top side was struck with a hammer, marking the soft lead with the date code. The numbers on it represent the 12 months of 1956, and the first three months of 1957.

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The last four in this set were all submitted by visitors who are looking to identify them.

1235. Most likely a mortar and pestle, though it appears to be missing its base, the mortar could be rotated on the gimbals to pour out it's contents.

1236. Possible answers suggested:
-Weston standard cell
-Created for a one time science experiment
-Thermodynamics demonstration apparatus

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1237. A B-Voltage Tester, designed to detect the presence of voltages from 60 to 7200 volts. The alligator clip is clamped to ground and the contact on the probe is used to test conductors, conduit, street light fixtures, or any other object. The neon light in the indicator assembly flashes when a voltage is detected.

1238. For several reasons, I don't think this is a wood plane:
-The owner tried it with wood and it didn't work well
-The angle of the blade is too steep
-At 6 pounds it's heavier than most wood planes
-I've shown it to a couple plane collectors and they agree that it's not for wood

A few people suggested it could have been used by a printer, I checked in the "Dictionary of American Hand Tools" and found what I believe is the correct answer, it's called a Shoot Board Lead Plane, here is the description:

A shoot board plane was used in a print shop for squaring up blocked plates and for removing the rough edges from a plate after it had been through the saw.

Another similar tool is called a Type High Plane, which can be used with either a cutting iron or a rasp attached to the bottom.

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